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I loved this game. I'm a game programmer myself so I'm a sucker for programming games.

Please give me a hint for level 7, about how to get back up after getting the idol. Or just plainly give me the answer, I'm very curious.

Lol it's been so long, let me check :D

Man it's been so long.

I *think* the little guy was suppose to grab a ledge if you have opening and can climb back out that way, but it seems that check is buggy.

Now that I look at that puzzle, it's trying to be too clever and it's too many steps, it was based on loads of internal logic where some moves were cancelled out by actions (for example jumping while falling).

Must have messed up some movement logic when I re-factored the UI for circular one and tried to add more animations based what the character was doing (original jam entry just moved the token, no animation) :|

I really like that moves are cancelled by actions, it allows your program to have different behavior in different circumstances. I can move on then to the next levels. Thanks!

I'm not surprised that you're having trouble thinking of new levels for this game...maybe if you made a level editor, other people would be able to come up with ideas that inspired you? (Not that I know anywhere near enough about this game's architecture to know if a level editor would be simple, nigh-impossible, or somewhere in between.)

Hey, thank you for checking out my entry.

You are absolutely right, little playground for players could def add to the fun factor. Did some "daydreaming" yesterday of what improvements or additions I'd do, and got stuck at level editor, as one of the ideas was plates that when stepped on would release giant rolling ball at another place and I couldn't figure out how to make that happen in UI just yet.

However in current form, it wouldn't be impossible task, it just uses level grid data so nothing's harscoded in anywhere :)

Thank you again for awesome suggestion!

A great game concept. Great gameplay, design, I love this game. This game is surely going in to my collections. Good luck. 

Ace! :) Unfortunately I've ran out of ideas for additional puzzles, which is I like making more arcade-y games with no fixed content, but quite happy how it turned out.

Thanks for checking it out!

very solid idea, would like to see you take this further 

Thank you for playing!

If I'm all honest, I have maybe have only 2, max 3 rough ideas for additional levels. I really thought that part would be easy, but it's my first try at doing actual levels and... it is more difficult than I ever expected.

But I'm glad people want more, must have got something right :)

yeh no stress , i get you level design is the hardest part, i had the same challenges with my game in the jam, it took way more then the code and art to make it and im still not that impressed by it , it just needs time and practice 

Exactly, time and practise. Luckily I can feel progress with every jam, so I know it's hard now but the more you work on it, the better you'll get. So taking few weeks off, but then onto the next one, probably doing horror jam next :P

ouu that sounds good, i might look into that too

That's the one I'm thinking of doing

This was super fun and challenging. Great concept! It was interesting to learn the mechanics by failing repeatedly and progress through the levels. I would love to see this further developed!


Excellent - that's exactly why I left skulls and blood splatter in from previous tries. Hopefully that does not encourage people killing the hero deliberately tho ;)

I always keep my options open about potentially turning jam games into more polished games with more content, it's usually down to how well they do and player feedback.

Got to say tho, the one thing I was not very happy this time around was coming up with new level puzzle ideas, pain in the backside haha. Tho, if there are some cool ideas for level design, I'd love to add more, if nothing else than just more practise on that aspect of game development.

Thank you for playing!

hey, this game is very nice.

Our game has the same base idea xD
you program a little robot instead of an adventurer and its Top-Down but the command cycling thing is also the main element

But I must admit I am stuck in level 5 my adventurer always jumps over the exit aaaah xD

very nice Game.

Haha so it is! Cool, great minds think alike and all that ;)

Thank you for playing, I'm always doing it for player feedback to get better at game design, so it means allot.

Which level are you stuck at?  I might be able to offer a free hint or what not :)

Hey, I'm enjoying the game!

Did find a bug with the spikes not killing me if I continued to stand on them by turning back and forth. They only kill if you enter the square when the're up.


Believe it or not, I looked at that issue and thought, hey no-one is ever never going to just sit there so this bug can go at the bottom of the priority list - I guess I was wrong! :D

Should be fixed now.

Thanks for playing :)