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Awesome game, cool graphics and gameplay. You could add upgrades in the game like more of those crews to shoot the enemy and new mobs after each wave or something. Anyways cool game. Good luck.

Thank you for playing!

My original plan was to add ability to heal friendlies, and maybe add incoming cannon fire to avoid, maybe even brutes / bosses etc, but ran out of time in the end, we'll see how it's doing after jam, maybe I'll extend it more :)

There's something really special here in this little game <3

I hope you're able to find some useful feedback in my excited ramblings as I run and gun across the pirate deck!


Thank you for putting your effort and time in with the video, much appreciated! PS. There was already another "hidden" half finished weapon in the game, it's completely useless as it stands, but it's fairly obvious how to get to it, with typical shooter swap weapons shortcuts in mind ;)

I had no clue you could move until wave 4, haha, cool little game!

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whoops, that probably should be communicated a bit better, did you try arrow keys? I'd still have to implement them, but wasn't sure if people find wasd or arrow keys more natural to try first. On other hand there's no hero health check at the moment so I'm calling us even 😅