Relive 90s and experience luxurious life style of a shoe salesman.

Authentic graphic effects and sounds.

Use arrow keys or WASD to move around and SPACE to interact with inventory and customers.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, GameMaker
Tags2D, GameMaker, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Cute! The layout reminded me of an old arcade game I used to play: Mikie

Ah nice, I didn't know about that game, looks cool.  It was some time ago, I  think I wanted to do Married With Children and Commodore 64 aesthetics, then the rest just "happened".

amazing graphics!!! did you use shader for  the old tv screen effect?

Yeah, my first try with shaders, so extremely simple calculation.

I used Commodore 64 colours that are usually quite de-saturated, so tried to boost it  a little, and made every 3rd pixel slightly darker to make it look like CRT pixels.

varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;
varying vec4 v_vColour;
varying vec3 v_vPosition;
uniform float time;

void main()
    vec4 col = v_vColour * texture2D( gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord );

    float HueFactor;

    if (mod(v_vPosition.y, 2.0) >= 1.0) {
        HueFactor = 1.2;
    } else if (mod(v_vPosition.x, 2.0) >= 1.0) {
        HueFactor = 1.4;

    col.r *= HueFactor;
    col.b *= HueFactor;
    col.g *= HueFactor;
    gl_FragColor = col;

But isn't this a GameMaker shader?  for some reason Unity uses a slightly different naming than the standard GLSL.

Possibly, I haven't got my head around shaders so it's very much trial and error. But yeah, I'm using Game Maker, so any code snippets would work with that, can't be sure about others. But the idea should still work if adjusted to different engine.

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It shows $150 to me, but otherwise good shout :)

?! Really, hmm if you wait and make an account you should get an email with promotional on courses you've wish-listed and its around 12.99 or 9.99 at its lowest

God the these graphics!!!! 

Watched only a couple of episodes of "Married with children" and strangely enough remember that one scene.

Game is pretty cool, except the problem of constantly dropping shoes instead giving them to a customer. The weirder part is that I can't pick up shoes I dropped. Is it an oversight?

Ran out of time back then, and didn't think of picking up shoes from the floor, but good shout. If I ever rework this game, probably will have to drop the show asthetics tho, you know intellectual property laws and all that.

Quick sound issue fix on Chrome browsers :)

This game is sooooo coool :D

Haha ace, glad you like it :) Run a bit out of time in the end, but pretty happy with result, been dreaming on working on this game for 14 years! :D


This is really good, but am I supposed to feel like I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown constantly while playing it? If so, then good job. :)

Believe it or not, I deliberately decided not to make it easier, when I playtested it, purely based on - hey it should be stressful. That, or just ran out of time / being lazy. Glad you enjoyed it, a bit more polish and it ought to expand out of the store for sure, but maybe later down the line, eh, can't fit all good ideas in with 2 weeks :)